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The Mountainside Volunteer Fire Department is located in Union County, New Jersey and was first founded in 1910. Today, we currently serve a population of approximately 7,000 residents living in approximately 4.1 square miles. In addition, more than one half of the Watchung Reservation lies in the Borough of Mountainside. The fire department responds to an average of 300 calls per year providing the borough with an array of fire, rescue, and community services. The department is responsible for protecting residential property as well as two large nursing homes, a hospital, a major movie theatre, and industrial areas with numerous manufacturing facilities. The fire department is also responsible for responding to serious motor vehicle accidents on its 2.7 mile stretch of State Highway 22. Whether you live, work, or just traveling through Mountainside, we are always prepared for any emergency.

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Membership amongst Volunteer Fire Departments is on a steep decline nationwide! We urge you to please visit our RECRUITING section for all the details on becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Mountainside Fire Department !


Apparatus & Equipment

Our trucks, equipment & apparatus

Take a look behind the scenes of our equipment and the trucks / ladders and apparatus that is the backbone of the Mountainside Fire Department.