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In Memoriam

Always Loved, Never Forgotten

Fred Schweitzerdied in the line of duty in 1932.

In Memoriam.

We remember those members of the Mountainside Fire Department who have gone before us, leaving in our hands the responsibilities which they had pledged themselves to perform for the benefit of their fellow townsmen. They had assumed their duties willfully and without thought of individual honor or gain, thinking only of the urgency of the need of their fellow man in time of danger. To all those who voluntarily served their community in the fire service, their efforts will not be forgotten.

  • William S. Van Nest
  • Louis S. Robbins
  • Alfred C. Heckel
  • George C. Knoll
  • Francis T. Petersen
  • Anthony Benesch
  • Henry C. Weber
  • David A. Marsh
  • J. Robert Butler
  • Charles J. Bauer Sr.
  • Lewis E. Heckel
  • Joseph H. Hershey
  • Glenn M. Bass
  • Hans L. Petersen
  • Henry S. Ward
  • John T. Clark Jr.
  • Harold L. Engleman
  • William E. Robinson
  • Roland A. Jacobus
  • George B. Robbins Jr.
  • Theodore Pszemenecki
  • Bernard Nolte
  • Robert Laing
  • Louis C. Ost
  • Fabian Vincent
  • Henry E. Porter
  • William Brown
  • Herman E. Honecker
  • Ted Byk
  • Frederick F. Roeder
  • Fred Schweitzer
  • Charles B. Heckel
  • Edward J. Hamilton
  • Charles S. Herrick
  • Richard Von Schultz
  • Charles H. Condon
  • Samuel L. Long
  • Walter J. Heckel
  • Walter Byers
  • Julius Cordts
  • Eugene D. Decristoforo
  • Walter T. Duda
  • Allen J. Hambacher
  • George W. Heitmann
  • Walter F. Haupt
  • Adam W. Ciambor
  • David C. Grieve
  • Elmer A. Hoffarth
  • William H. Parker
  • John E. Wilson
  • Walter R. Kempner
  • Robert M. Farley
  • Harry Swift, Jr.
  • Ernest Kuffer
  • Robert Wyckoff
  • Win Miller
  • Edward Colline
  • Bruce Geiger